Thursday, April 5, 2007

Winter is back!

OMG it's snowing like it's January! I love Ohio... you never know what kind of weather will greet you in the morning.

I'm itching to get back home to SC to get to work on some new jewelry designs. On the ETSY site, my jewelry really isn't getting the exposure I thought it might. I have to find some way of getting the word out. I have this blog and I am considering putting together a regular website for more exposure. Some of the artists on ETSY have some beautiful sites hosted by I went to the site and practiced with their demo...I think I could do it!

I have a website that I created on the college web even though I haven't been teaching for well over a year now.
So any radiography students out there can take a look at the things I have up on the site. You may find something helpful. Click on the Supplement link on the left hand column on the homepage. Also, take a look at the PowerPoint programs I have listed under the West Coast Student/Educators Conference link on the home page. I have a lot of helpful things up there regarding HIPAA and film critique. Help yourself. I allow all of my items to be copied and downloaded to your computer. Hurry up and look as I don't know how long the college will allow access to the site!

Here is an Easter picture of my great niece Zoe Priolo. Finally an Easter Bunny that isn't scary!