Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day

I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday weekend. I'm finally feeling better and actually spent most of the day cleaning the kitchen and baths.

Yesterday, I'm happy to say, I walked two miles on the treadmill. That's the first time I have pushed myself to that limit in quite a few months. It took a little over one hour, but I made it! I had to turn the oxygen up to 4 LPM in order to keep up the pace.

Hopefully, when I go to the doctor on Thursday, she will spring me to take my trip to Ohio to be with the grandchildren. I miss them so much!!! They're growing like weeds and I don't want to miss anymore time with them.

I'm not sure what Wayne will do without me nagging him all the time. Something tells me that he will be having a lot of chili dogs, smothered with onions. He also will enjoy the peace of not having Court TV blasting in the background all day. What can I say????? I'm addicted.