Friday, July 20, 2007

Next Trip

I'm planning (don't tell anyone...I don't want to jinx myself) on visiting my brother and his family in St. Petersburg, Fl. Also, David and his family are spending a week in Captiva down by Ft. Myers. Since my broken arm prevented me from going to Ohio in June, I may try to catch up with them in Florida.
This is the house that they rented in North Captiva. To get to the island you have to take a water taxi. There are no bridges and no cars are allowed. Also in the deal is access to a clubhouse with swimming, tennis etc. and the use of a golf cart to get around. I guess they don't even have roads... looks like sand paths, just wide enough to fit the cart. The house is beautiful and only a block from the intercostal. It has three bedrooms and even has an elevator for us old folks. David and Kim have to grocery shop on the mainland and ferry all the food over for the week. Poor Kim, it doesn't sound like much of a vacation if she has to cook all the time. Luckily, her sister Pam and niece Mandy are going along too. God knows, I can't cook!! It should be fun and I'm so looking forward to seeing Morgan and Madison.

Like me, Madison got her cast off a couple of weeks ago. I'm sure she's back to normal. Mine still hurts a little if I have it in a certain position. I can, however, turn it over now. I really exercise it...just like the doctor said.
I can't afford to loose function. How the heck would I make jewelry????

This is my latest set. It's a real pretty light pink and a darker rose color.