Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Family Pictures


Mason, Alexa and Chase are all decked out for going trick or treating! Cute pumkins!!!

Madison and Morgan are ready to go...

Someone is pretty good with a knife at the Riedel house. Unfortunately, I was home by the time the kids went out trick or who got to eat all the licorice??? Hummmmm???

This is an update on the newest Riedel cat...Snowball. She's getting big, but not nearly as big as Sammy. Looks like Sammy and Morgan had a hard day... sweet dreams!

Go Team Go... Morgan loved doing her cheers for the Aurora Football team. The team came in First Place, so Morgan cheered during some really cold games. I was lucky enough to get to see her in action the last time I was in Ohio. She really enjoyed doing this and seems to have a talent for it. Maybe her dancing experience helped.

Happy Veterans Day to Wayne, Uncle Charile (deceased), Denny, Joe, David, Dale, Jen and every other vet who served or is serving the USA!

We now know that Dawn and Jason are expecting a little boy next year. His name is Victor...