Sunday, January 13, 2008

Holiday Travels

I spent New Years day at Dale and Jen's in Washington DC. They were going to visit LA, his next assignment for the Air Force and I was watching the dogs. Brian and Dani were able to meet at Dales to celebrate New Years Eve. How cool was that!!
Alexa, Mason and Chase got to visit the National Zoo and meet the famous Panda bear.

Dale and Jen took me to my first winery.

Christmas was spent at the home of my brother Denny in St. Pete, Fl. Just like old times...This is a picture of Zoe and Stephanie. For Zoe's first Christmas...she had multiple Santa visits at her grandparent's homes.

Unfortunately, Denny took a fall and broke his left wrist during our visit. He always did have to "one-up-me". He needed four pins put in to stablize it, whereas my wrist only took two. I'd put in a picture of him, but he'd kill me!

Dave and Kim, back in cold Ohio, celebrate Christmas Eve at Kim's sisters home. Morgan and Madison look ready for Santa's visit.

My latest creations are two bookmarks made for the Winter Beading Challenge on etsy. For the challenge, anyone who wants to participate buys the exact same set of beads and makes something. A judge will choose the winner. It's amazing what can be created with the same beads.

The Lilac one on the left is made for paperback books and would make a great suncatcher. The Cobalt blue one on the right is longer and made for a hardcover novel sized book.


KreativeMix said...

beautiful pictures!!!