Friday, April 4, 2008

Trip to Ohio for spring Break

I had a really great time in Ohio with my five grandchildren. We did a lot of fun things. Sorry that the pictures aren't clearer, but they were taken with my new Verizon phone and not a real camera.

Morgan and Madison had fun coloring Easter eggs, grandma missed this fun, but I was there on Easter when the girls found all the eggs the bunny hid.
coloring eggs

It just wouldn't be a trip to Ohio without a visit to the Twinsburg DQ. Don't tell anyone, but we went more than one time!

At the DQ

This is Griffin with his new friend Brock. Since I liked Brock better than all the other webkinz that the grandchildren have, my nine year old grandson Mason gave Brock to me to bring home. Isn't he cute?? According to Mason, Brock is one of the retired webkinz and isn't available anymore.

Griffin and Brock

The kids and I went to a Mc D's in Aurora that has quite an indoors play area. We always go there at least once when I visit.

Chase, Mason and Alexa

There is a Bungy Jump ride inside the Chappel Hill Mall in Cuyahoga Falls. Here are pictures of Mason and Alexa taking their turns. Mason was able to do flips, but Alexa isn't heavy enough yet. Maybe next year.

Mason Alexa

It took a few days, but Alexa finally got her front tooth out. The tooth fairy gave her two gold coins for her effort. Boy does she look different! The other front tooth is loose, but not ready for the last pull.

Alexa's lost tooth

Lots of news from Floirda too. This is a picture of Uncle Denny and newest grandchild Victor. Proud parents Dawn and Jason are enjoying their bundle of joy. He arrived on March 31st and weighted over 8 pounds. What a cutie!

David and Kim got a new truck during my visit. They traded in their well worn van for this beauty.

Here is a great picture of my great niece Zoe in all her Easter splender!

I put up this picture of Wayne and I because I think it's one of the best we've ever taken. It's from a student picnic in 2005 at a park here in SC.
Not so young, but definately in love....


Beadiful Designs said...

Awwww, your grandchildren are just gorgeous. How lucky they are to have you for their grandma!

MorganAlexaDesigns said...

Thanks beadiful...I really miss them