Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pictures from across the nation

One good thing about having family all over the country is I get new pictures all the time! First, from California....

Here is a shot of Dale and Jenn's dog Kinsey, who loves the pool.
I hope they have a great filter for all that hair!!

And here's Liberty...such a sweet puppy (although she does love to get into trouble when Dale and Jenn are gone). She's partial to chocolate and doesn't leave any for the rest of us.
If you've never seen a dog upchuck after a mouthful of Hydrogen Peroxide...you gotta see it!!

They are loving the weather and unlike Washington DC, there are no winter days when the bikes have to be put away.

And from the other side of the country are new pictures of Victor. Dawn says he's turning over and it looks like he has quite a sense of humor too!!!

Here's the latest of Victor and "Grumpy" isn't that look incredible???

What a cutie pie!!!