Monday, November 10, 2008

What was in the stocking???

Here is a look at the wonderful items in our TeamSC Holiday Stocking. There were a few more, but I don't have pictures of them.

From top left to right:
LadyPippie - Two knitted dish cloths
LullaBuyBowsBoutique - Holiday bow
Beadifulworld - Keyring with heart charm
CustomCandyCreations - Gift certificate
AllAboutTheButtons - Holiday mini purse
CurlyfrySC - Blue, black and glow rexlace keychain
AinsleyBarrett - Gemstone pendant necklace
Roagom - Hand-hammered copper pendant on silk cord
ShashaJewelry - Handcrafted earrings
BittyBooks - Itty bitty book pack
NascarNana - Hand-painted tote bag
SweetTeaDesigns - two ACEO cards
MinnieMaes - Scrappy Patchwork mini tote
Iryna - Decorated cosmetic bag
BeadDazzled - Pine-green with amber crystal, bookmark
StrangeLittleGirl - Wire-wrapped citrine pendant
MaryMarsh - Set of magnets and button bookmarks
ItsAllAboutYou - Scrabble tile pendants
BannerCelebrations - Decorated/Embellished felt soft tree
TheSheilaRoom - Dark gray knitted scarf


CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

You little tattle-tale! :P
Aren't those items great, though?! I'll be mailing them off to the winner on Wednesday! That's one lucky lady who doesn't have to do any Christmas shopping!

Sheila said...

Everyone did such a great job with this! Yay for the SC Street Team!