Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Journey back to health December 21-27

Monday, December 21
Ah...there is good news from my weigh-in....I lost 2.4 lbs. So my total in 9 weeks of Optifast is 22.5 lbs. That comes out to 2.5 lbs/week. I guess that's not too shabby considering I'm pretty sedentary. I'm still trying to figure out why I can't seem to get myself motivated to get to the Y. There is absolutely no reason, none.

On a much more positive note I can compare my lab results.

In October I had the first set of labs and last week I had another. Here are the things that changed for the positive.

Glucose dropped from 119 to 105.
Cholesterol dropped from a borderline high of 236 to a desirable 176. WOW...
Triglyceride dropped from 250 to an amazing 110. Double WOW
Hemoglobin A1C dropped from 6.1 to 5.5.
LDL cholesterol is a little higher..it was 102 and is now 105. Optimal is <100 but I'm classified as near the optimal.

So, a good overall report for me!

Tomorrow, I'm going over to Teresa’s to help her make cookies. Can you believe it! Me making cookies...my boys will tell you...I NEVER made cookies...in my life...ever.

I did try once though..I got a bag of pecans, sat on the kitchen floor and hammered the shells off. I then made pecan and chocolate cookies from the recipe on the bag of chocolate chips. I kid you not...they were as hard as hockey pucks. I had the boys taste them when they were still warm, so they could get them down with a big glass of milk. But when they cooled off..no way could anyone chew through them. In the rubbish they went and I never tried again.

Anyway, it should be fun and I know they will turn out because Teresa is an absolutely fabulous baker. She once made me a carrot cake that was to die for. Wayne and I fought over the last piece and I don't even like carrot cake. (I do now)