Saturday, April 21, 2007

My family

Here is a great family picture taken at my grandson Mason's First Communion last May. It was so nice to have my three sons and their families together. With Dale living in DC, Dave and Brian in Ohio and me in SC, we don't get a chance for family gatherings too often. Missing from the picture is Wayne, the love of my life. (see below)

David and Kim are standing in the middle, while granddaughters Madison and Morgan are sitting in the middle row in front of David and me.

Brian (on the left next to David) and his wife Danie (on the far right) with grandchildren Alexa and Mason sitting in the middle of the first row and Chase being held by Brian.

Dale and his wife Jen are sitting on the left in front of Brian.

Here is a picture of hubby, Wayne. We have been married for going on 24 years and are as happy with each other today as we were on the day we got married (really!!!). I don't know of any other couple who get along as well as we do.

Some of the reasons we are able to maintain a loving relationship all of these years are; we respect each other; support each other; do not take each other for granted; and are never indifferent to each other's feelings.

I have health issues that caused me to retire from a very lucrative college teaching position. Needless to say, our income has substantially dropped as I am now on disability. He is so supportive in my search for ways to improve my quality of life that he even works out with me in my pulmonary rehabilitation program.

Well, I don't want him to get a big head, so I'll stop here.