Thursday, April 26, 2007

How about this for a sunrise? These pictures were taken in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.
Dale and Jen went there last month for a Veterinarian Conference. See, it does pay to stay in school.

This one was taken at sunrise. He got the sun centered to the mast of the boat. How good is that????

I'm off to DC tomorrow to be with Dale as he recovers from surgery. He's going to Walter Reed on Monday. I will stay up there for about a week and then I have to return here to give a speech at the graduation ceremony for the Radiology graduates from Greenville Tech. These students are the last ones I taught before I had to quit due to my health. I am thrilled that they asked me to talk at the ceremony. I'll work on the speech while in DC.

I finlly made my first crochet with wire jewelry. What do you think??? I used rose, light pink and blue cracked glass beads. I think I'm going to like this craft. I crocheted 2 strands with rose beads, two strands with light pint beads and two strands with the blue. Then I divided the strands into 3 sections and braided them. I took the picture with the digital camera on my coffee table. The scanned images just didn't come out as good. I'm going to have to learn a little more about my digital camera, it takes me forever to get a good image...must be an easier way. Some of the artists on etsy have beautiful images with cool backgrounds. I'll have to make mine a bit more eye pleasing or I'll never sell the items.