Saturday, June 9, 2007

Ouch x2

Today, I had to ask Wayne to cut off the top half of my cast. It's just too fingers are going numb. It's funny that it's happening over a week after I had the fall. You'd think the swelling would have happened right away.

My sweet granddaughter, Madison, (age 3) broke her wrist on Thursday. She fell at school. It's a buckle fracture which is one that is not through the entire bone. This is the second time she's fallen and broken the same arm. Sound familar??? I feel so bad for her, she was looking forward to swimming lessons.
These aren't her x-rays, but they show a buckle fracture ...

The"torus" or cortical buckle fracture is a very common fracture involving the distal third of the radius in children. It usually results from a fall on an outstretched hand/wrist, resulting in a cortical kinking or buckling which may assume a vast array of configurations. Because children have softer bones, an incomplete fracture occurs, in which one side of the bone buckles upon itself without disrupting the other side.