Friday, June 8, 2007

Ready to get my wrist fixed!

Ah, the beauty of yellow and green!

I went for pre-op yesterday and was cleared to go ahead with surgery on my wrist. It's been a week since my fall and I think I'm finally starting to look human again. Add a little lipstick and you could almost take me out. My arm must be swelling a little because the cast felt tight last night. I unwrapped the ace bandages and rewrapped it, just not as tight. Luckily, my nose has pretty much stopped hurting at all. So now it's just sit and wait until Tuesday. We have to be at Greenville Memorial Hospital at 6:00 am with surgery scheduled for 8:00am.


Carol Dean said...

I hope the surgery and post-op go smoothly :D Get well!

My Little Cuddle-Bugs said...

I hope you have a speedy recovery! I noticed you are going to Greenville Memorial.... I love just outside Greenville in Easley, SC! Small world!! Good luck to you!