Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wrist recheck

Today I had my 6 week check up at my orthopaedic surgeon. I had x-rays taken too. Luckily, there was a student there named Roxanne. She is a senior in the Radiography Program at Greenville Technical College where I used to teach. So, I've now been x-rayed by three different students. I love it! Everything looks good but the healing is not complete. So, I have to continue to wear the splint for another six weeks and return at that time for another x-ray. BTW I received my hospital bill for having the plate put in. Mind you, I was in the hospital for a total of 6 hours. Are you ready???
Over $18,000.00. It's a miracle that neither Wayne or I had a coronary.

Today I'm packing to take a trip to Florida. If you remember, the last time I packed for a trip, I fell and broke my wrist and nose. Boy, am I being careful today. I think I'll just sit in the corner until I leave tomorrow morning.

The plan is; visit my brother and his family in St. Petersburg; head for Captiva and spend time with my son David and his family on the island; head back to my brother's house; head for home!!!
Wish me luck!!! I'll catch up when I return and hope to have some beautiful island pictures.


Carol Dean said...

Glad to see you creating again. Enjoy your injury-free trip!

Sandy Coleman said...

Thaks Carol, I actually MADE IT to Florida without incident...