Sunday, August 12, 2007

Back from my Florida vacation

I had a great trip to Florida. First I went to my brother's house and saw my great niece Zoe for the first time. What an angel and I might add, a ham when it comes to picture taking. She can't take a bad picture! I'm happy to announce that my niece Dawn and husband Jason are expecting next April. Boy, will my brother have his hands full. Ya gotta love grandchildren... it's spoil and play...then spoil and feed...then spoil and buy something...then spoil and give to mom or dad to change...what a life for grandparents.
Here's Zoe at lunchtime at Mary and Todds. It seems that grandpa is getting more on her face than in her mouth.

It wouldn't be Florida without a ride over the Skyway Bridge. This was the route to Upper Captiva Island where I spent a week with son David and his family.

Here's Morgan having a great time at the beautiful pool in the Clubhouse. The weather was great for swimming with only a few afternoons of rain.

It was HOT!!

Both girls got a shell necklace and a play lizzard.

Madison floated like a balloon with her water wings.

A furry friend.

We all had a great time. I stayed inside a lot because of the heat, though did venture out a few times to the pool and beach. We got around the island on a golf cart (no cars allowed). Now that was a riot!

Brother Denny and I also visited Scott and Tammy in Brooksville. This is a picture of the beautiful victorian farmhouse they are building on a scenic 10 acre lot. It's absolutely stunning, with a stone fireplace that I can stand in. Tammy drew up the plans and is waiting patiently for the kitchen cupboards to be delivered. It looks like they'll be in the house by Thanksgiving.

My last picture is of Zeus and Titan, my brother's doberman pinchers. Zeus, the brown one is hugh and the most even tempered dog I have ever been around. He constantly wants attention and will come over and lay that gigantic head on your lap for a little lovin'. Titan, the black one is a lover too and just a tad smaller than Zeus.


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