Friday, June 27, 2008

I Opened another ETSY shop

I've decided to open another shop to host my jewelry and bookmarks separate from my banners and avatars.

So today I officially opened BEAD DAZZLED on etsy.

My other shop MORGAN ALEXA DESIGNS will now host only banners and avatars for the etsy community. I'm having a great time learning about PhotoShop. I took a three credit course at USF in it, but that was back in '99. It has changed quite a bit.

It's so exciting to see my banners in someones shop.

Here are my shops' banners. On top of the blog I put them together for one banner. I don't want to favor one shop over the other right??

Morgan Alexa Designs Banners for the descriminating shop owner

Bead Dazzled Encourage reading with a beaded bookmark!

Here are the shops on ETSY that are currently showing banners that I created. Enjoy!