Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back from Ohio

After a day with grandma, Alexa was all tired out...notice the remnants of chocolate ice cream???

Madison had fun at the Aurora Library. Her and Chase did puzzles and built towers out of bricks.

Pictures from Mason's baseball season. I got to watch three of Mason's games while visiting. We tried go to one of Brians, but it was over by the time we got there. Oh well, next year!
Look at those smiles...what a great picture of the "Riedel boys."

This is my very favorite picture of all 5 grandchildren. Unfortunately, I had the glare of the window behind them. They're all holding flowers from a vase in the restaurante's window. Every smile is perfect and they're all looking at the camera. I wish I was better at I could fix it.

Alexa, Morgan and Madison are all smiles after stopping at my favorite ice cream stand ...Stoddards in Stow on Rt. 59.'s the greatest.
I had a great time and came home only because it was Wayne's 80th birthday... and we'll be married 25 years on 9/11. Where has the time gone??