Friday, January 16, 2009

Captiva and Florida Visit Dec. 2008

This is the reason Wayne and I are moving back to Florida. I have loads of family and nieces and nephews to play with. Although I'd rather move back to Ohio near my second family is here and I love them too. I'll visit Ohio in the Spring and Summer!

My brother Denny took us to Captiva with all his kids for a week.
Many memories were made like the parrot that scared the hell out of Jason, having all my nieces and nephews around with their children and playing dominoes and Phase 10 until the wee hours!

Here's Zoe on one of her beach walks.

Denny with Victor in the gorgeous pool.

Wayne and I had a room in this awesome building. It was a full suite with kitchen, living room, patio, bedroom and bath.

Wayne and Denny pondering what to do next.

Denny, Polly and little Jillian enjoy the beach.

Mary, Zoe and Jillian enjoying "girl talk".

Zoe, dad Todd and Victor with dad Jason off on an adventure.

Grumpy and Victor

Dawn, Victor and Uncle Denny at the pool

Dawn and Moose square off in the pool

I took this picture of Jillian with Grumpy.... she's precious

Jason and Victor at the dominoe table.

The boys got to go fishing a couple of times before the rain came.

All my brother's kids...what a wonderful family!

The Priolo family on Christmas.

Victor had a visit from santa too!


Jason said...

Great Pictures of our week!!! We definitely need to do it again..maybe when it is a little less rainy and a little less cold (we are Floridians don't forget!)! By the way, the second picture down is Dad and Victor.
Love to you and Uncle Wayne!

Rosemary said...

Beautiful family you have there! I know you enjoyed the warm weather- why didn't you bring some back with you?