Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Journey back to health November 2 to November 9

Monday, November 2nd
6.3 lbs.   WhoooooooHooooooo!  How about that for one week??? I'm really happy with that loss. I figured about 3 lbs max.  I paid my $100.00 program fee and bought 10 of the chocolate shakes that are premade. So, cost today was only $135.00.

We dropped Griffin off at the vets this morning and picked him up about 4:00.  The surgery went well and they said they got it all. He needs to return on Thursday for an antibiotic shot. There's no way we can give him a pill...he'd bite your arm off. They also put him in a collar to keep him from licking the incision. Now that's funny to watch. He bumps into everything and can barely see over the collar. He smells like a barn… seriously, I had to clean him up, there was green “stuff” under his chin and along his side. Even after trying to wash him off a second time…he STINKS.

Tuesday, November 3rd
Gosh the weather is like summer. Today it’s 70.

Wayne bought some extracts to add to the shakes. I tried banana and it’s really pretty good in the vanilla mix. I’ve cut way down on the water I add to the mix. You can add 6 to 10 oz. so I use 6…mix it in the blender and then pour it over ice. I think when I was grinding the ice cubes in the mix, it just added to the amount I had to drink and diluted the taste.

I need to buy some protein bars, but refuse to pay $17.00 for 7 of them at Nutrition Solutions. I’m going to buy it online where it’s $10.00/box of 7.

Wednesday, November 4th

Anyone happy to see that the republicans won in NJ and Virginia?

I sold three banner sets from my etsy shop over the last two days. Isn’t it funny how I can go a month or two without a sale and then get a few on the same day? Here’s what the finished products looked like…

Shops on etsy are getting ready for the holidays and like to change out their banners. Lucky for me...they bought mine!

I made a website for a friend and evidently messed it up the last time I worked on it. She called me last night to say she got an email from a potential buyer who couldn’t access her site. Looks like no one could access it since the middle of October when I attempted to utilize Google’s webmaster tools to get the site more visible in searches. I remember doing something in the total DNS access page on Go where I host her domain. I had to call tech support which I hate to do. They always treat me like a 10 year old. Anyway…this guy John took a look and told me what I did… and he kept reassuring me that he could fix it.
So…time will tell. I still can’t access the website but he said it might take some time, like 48 hours or so. I sure hope he fixed it because it took me 4 months to build.

Wayne and I watched “The Taking of Pelham 123” last night. It was good…what movie with John Travolta and Denzel Washington wouldn’t be…only problem is the language is really pretty bad. It’s the first movie I’ve watched since I came home from Ohio in September. Just not in the mood plus not much is out that I’m hot to see.

Griffin still smells like a sewer! Wayne called the vet, but there's no one there. We have to get him bathed...he really smells...and I swear it's getting worse.

Another thing, I placed an order on-line at I decided to try the protein bars from another company to save money. I spent $57.94 and got:

4 boxes of BariWise Crispy Bars:  Peanut Butter, Lemon Meringue, Cinnamon Raisin and Double Chocolate.

1 Box WonderSlim Shake
1 Box BariWise Bar (Caramel Crunch)

Each box has 7 bars/shakes in it. The Crispy bars were $9.99/box, the Caramel Crunch was only $7.99/box and the shakes were $9.99/box. I figure I saved a ton because a 7 count box of Optifast protein bars is $16.99 and the shakes are $20.49/box.  Hope they compare in ingredients and taste better then the Optifast!!

Thursday, November 5th

First thing I want to talk about if Griffin. Wayne took him this morning to get a bath. They called about 3:00 and said we could pick him up. The receptionist said the smell came from his EARS….for God’s sake!! She said both ears were horribly infected, but that they cleaned them out and packed them and put medicine in them so we don’t have to do drops. (This dog will NOT tolerate me putting drops in his ears…past experience). So I asked…”You mean that green stuff all over him was infection from his EARS???” She said probably. OMG I was steaming. How could they even operate on this poor dog with bilateral ear infections????

SO, that means they never even looked in his ears before surgery. I thought (and Jenn confirmed) that one doesn’t begin a surgery without a cursory, once over of his general health, like his weight; listen to his heart etc. which should include looking in his ears.

Another thing… how could they release him to us that way???? I know, thinking about it in retrospect, we should have taken him back on Monday when we picked him up and got a whiff. But the poor dog was shaking like a leaf and we just wanted to get him home. My bad.

I think it’s time to get a new vet… too bad Jenn is so far away.

Friday, November 6th
I went to have blood drawn today in preparation for my doctor appointment next Friday. While I was there I asked if someone could see me because I have a horrible sore throat.

It started on Tuesday….after I choked on my pills. I thought I was a gonner…my airway was completely blocked …I looked at Wayne and thought… OMG I don’t want to die this way he will never get over it. Really, that was what came to mind. I don’t mind going, but not in front of him he’d have a stroke! Anyway, I’m still here and VERY grateful but this sore throat is killing me. I think maybe the pills that melted in my throat may have irritated the tissues or maybe the hour long coughing jag I had caused the soreness. I got an appointment for later in the day with the PA. The PA looked in my throat and said it looked OK. I asked if she was sure as it really hurt on the right. Nope…she said both sides “Look the same.” My lungs however are congested, so I got an antibiotic.

OK here’s the rub… I got home and got out my 10x magnifying mirror and a flashlight and said “Ahhhhhhhh…” Guess what I see? On the RIGHT is a, shall I say pustule, (sorry, but that’s what it is). I’m beginning to think there are no competent people left in the world. I think the treatment is the same either way, so I’m just happy she didn’t send me on my way without an antibiotic.

When I got home I had a box waiting. The order from Bariatric Choice was here. That’s fantastic because I ran out of the bars and I really like them. Took them only 2 days to get it here.

Since I have to take my antibiotic with food…I decided a Caramel Crunch Bar would count.

It was FANTASTIC!! Better than any candy bar I have ever eaten. I’ll have to treat it as a “Treat” because I can see me eating 5 of them a day and not drinking the shakes. The shakes have all the vitamins and minerals in them so I really need to get 3 a day down. But I’d eat this bar if I wasn’t on a diet.

Finally, after 2 calls to Go Daddy...they got the website I made running again. So, if you need a Christmas gift for someone who likes inspirational items this is the site to go to. Linda has some really neat T shirts, some of which I designed, the cutest little stuffed camels and great keychains.  BTW, the highest priced item is $20.00. Take a look and get your orders in...

Saturday, November 7th
Poor Griffin…he’s still in the collar and will be until the stitches come out on Thursday. I hate to laugh but he is funny, running into the walls with the collar and bouncing back.

I’m still doing great on the diet. I did reach for a banana the other day again…old habits die hard. Those Caramel Crunch Bars I told you about yesterday are going to be my downfall. Luckily I only bought one box (7 bars). They are sooooooo good that I could eat them all at one time. I’m serious!

My throat is still killing me, so I guess I’m lucky to be on a liquid diet…although drinking hurts too. Just waiting for the antibiotics to kick in.

Sunday, November 8th
Well, tomorrow is my second weigh-in and I also have a meeting with the behaviorist at Nutrition Solutions.
Since I didn’t cheat at all, I think I should have another good weight loss. I’m pretty sure it won’t be six pounds again. They told me that the first week you lose a lot of water weight.

I’ll know pretty soon!