Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My journey back to health 11-9-09 t0 11-15-09

Monday, November 9th
I lost 2.8 pounds this week. Is it a sin to round it up so it sounds better???

I knew it would be less than last week… so I’m happy but a tad disappointed too.

I spent $100.00 toward the plan fee and bought 10 Chocolate pre-made shakes for $35.00. Oh, and $1.35 for a bottle of Dasani Grape flavored water. Who’d of thought that I’d be buying water... that’s the height of laziness, but it’s so convenient.

I have to admit that buying the pre-made shakes is a real convenience and they are smoother than the ones I mix in the blender. I can get them colder than the mix too.

I also had a meeting with the behaviorist. Since I know myself so well I think I surprised her. Most of the hour I had her in stitches talking about my family.

I had about an hour to kill before my group meeting so I went to the $ store. I guess the holidays are right around the corner huh? I bought a few glasses to put my shakes in…they have snowflakes on them…time to get into the spirit of the season.

Tuesday November 10th
After yesterday’s weigh-in I started walking. I know, I know…I didn’t get the OK from my doctor. That hopefully will happen on Friday when I see her.

I figured if I monitor my oxygen saturation with my pulsox, and keep it above 90, I shouldn’t croak. I ended up walking for 15 minutes on my treadmill.

That’s all I could do without pushing it. Tomorrow’s another day…if I can get out of bed!

You know, when I was healthy, back in 2006, I was walking 2.5 miles per hour at a 5 degree incline…without oxygen. Oh I pray I can get back to that again.

Wednesday, November 11th
Today Wayne took me to get my blood work done for the Optifast program. I have one more to do in December.

We went to Michael’s….50% off one item…couldn’t pass that up; then off to Wal-Mart for some more stuff to put in my water. The Wal-Mart brand is really pretty good and a lot cheaper than Chrystal Light.

Wayne found a bottle of Chocolate syrup (sugar free) so I’ll try it with the vanilla shake. Vanilla is one flavor that I can’t seem to get tasting good. If the chocolate doesn’t work I may have to mix ½ a vanilla with ½ a chocolate shake. Help...I’m running out of ideas!

The last place we stopped was Publix…had to get some yummy ham for the dog. Yep…the dog gets ham. Wrapping his night time pill in a slice is the only way to get him to take it.

I walked again tonight. I cranked my oxygen up to 5 liters per minute. It’s ok… the doctor at the Cleveland Clinic said 5 was good if I was exercising.

Here’s an interesting fact about oxygen therapy. The oxygen is not for my breathing. Really, it’s for my heart and brain. When I was having trouble with my “brain”… or old age, I’m not sure which… the doctor said to wear the oxygen more. So, I thought it would improve my Phase-10 scores with Brian but…. Nooooooooooo...he still beats me every time!

Back to exercise…tonight I did .6 miles in 30 minutes. I was turning the speed up and down as I could tolerate it. OK I’ll admit it…I did stop it one time for about 15 seconds.

So, what more can I do? No food and exercising… I should be a twig in no time!!!

Wayne has been so helpful. The other day, he was going to make fried shrimp, one of my favorites, and he cooked it in the garage so it didn’t tempt me. He has trail mix hidden in his bedroom. He also buys stuff that I wouldn’t eat if it was the last food on earth…like head cheese and spinach bread…yuck! That’s my man!

Thursday, November 12th

Wayne and I watched Pelham 123 the original. The storyline was basically the same as the new one and I was really surprised at the swearing in the movie. I didn’t think they said those words in movies back then. Oh well…we liked it but I liked the new one better.

Today I didn’t walk on the treadmill. My knees are a little sore. I didn’t wear walking shoes and I’m paying the price. What did I wear you ask...why slippers of course.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my doctor…hopefully my echo cardiogram is good enough so I can start working out. If not, I’ll have to cancel my membership because I know Wayne won’t go if I can’t. I’ll let you know tomorrow…wish me luck!

Friday, November 13th

What a great day!  My doctor signed the form to let me work out at the Y.

My echocardiogram was the best it’s been in 4 years. When I was really sick, back in 2005, my ejection fraction was 30%. The test I had last week shows it at 60%.
That is really, really good news.

All labs were good too so I have no excuse not to get off my butt and start getting this body back in shape.

Today was the last broadcast day for three of my favorite TV shows. Tru TV (used to be Court TV) took Ashleigh Banfield, Jack Ford and Jamie Floyd off the daytime court shows because they are moving the show from NY to Atlanta. Tru TV is owned by CNN who has made some really bad decisions in the last couple of years. They went from informational programming to this reality “crap”. They have completely ruined the station IMHO. Although the programs continue they will have different hosts and who knows what else will change.

I’m really sick about it as I loved watching real court cases. I’ve watched court TV since it became popular back during the OJ trial. I’ve learned enough to be able to understand Brian and Dale when they talk about the law.

Today I watched 7 episodes of Flashforward. Brian told me it was a good show so Tivoed it but never watched it.  Boy...once I started...I couldn't stop. It was like watching 24...I couldn't wait until the next scene.  Like 24, it moves pretty fast and kept me on the edge of my seat.  So, what's up with the kangaroos?

Sunday, November 15th
I’ve spent the last few days making a ton of zipper pulls and earrings. Next Saturday a few friends and I are having a Holiday Bazaar at my house. We’re all members of etsy and sell our handmade items online. So we thought, why not get together, bring our stuff and invite our friends, families and neighbors to come and possible do some holiday shopping.

Here's a link to the flyer I put together. Feel free to come if you live in the upstate.
Upstate Holiday Bazaar

Today was a special day for my three granddaughters. David bought them all tickets for the Miley Cirus concert in downtown Cleveland. David is so thoughtful, he originally bought the tickets for Kim, Morgan, Madison and himself…but decided to let Alexa go in his place. Then to make the night extra special for the girls, he surprised them and hired a limo to take them. When they went to pick up Alexa, Brian told her Miley was in the limo. They all went out to dinner before the concert so Chase and Mason got to ride to the restaurant in the limo with the girls. What a wonderful, sweet and loving thing to do. David…you ROCK!

David left his truck at work so the limo driver dropped him off to get it…then David killed about 4 hours then went back to pick the girls up.

Here is a picture of the girls at the concert. Kim is there with them so don’t freak out!
Someone had to take the picture.


Tomorrow I weigh in again. It’s been three weeks since I started this journey and I simply can’t believe I’ve gone three weeks without one bit of real food. Isn’t it amazing what you can do with a little motivation???


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We love Uncle Wayne!!!

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Yeah...he is pretty special.