Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Week of February 8th-14th

Wednesday, February 10th
I know...I have been missing for a while. For the first time since October 16th I gained weight. The first pound I gained was at my weigh-in on January 25th and then to my horror I gained another 1.4 pounds at my weigh-in on February 1st. WOW...I was not happy since I stick to my program and do not eat anything except the drinks and the protein bars.

Luckily I had a doctor appointment on Feb 1st.  She feels that it's time to change up a little and add some food. Now, my mind says, "if I add food, I'll gain even more weight." She feels that my body has gotten used to the diet and I must have hit the plateau like most people on any calorie restricted diet.

So here is the breakdown... I had 13 weeks of weight loss and then 2 weeks of weight gain. Dr. Brown said I absolutely have to start eating one meal a day starting the week of Feb. 8th. My total loss is now 26.9 lbs. ('cause I had to ADD 2.4 lbs) and I've lost 12% body fat and my BMI is down from 38.5 to 33.5.

After that meeting I was pissed off at myself and really down in the dumps. I stayed on the Optifast, did not add a meal and didn't go to my meeting on Feb 8th.
I just couldn't face the possibility of another weight gain.

The dilemna is, am I going to listen to the Dr. and add one meal or am I going to be stupid and continue full Optifast?

How come weight is so very easy to put on, and such a bitch to take off???? HUH?

Today is Feb. 10th and Brian is down from Ohio studying for the Ohio Bar Exam. It's much quieter here than at home with three kids. It's such a pleasure having him here. Wayne ordered a pizza the other night and I didn't have any problem not eating it.

Since I can't go out to eat (OH how much I miss going out) we went to the store yesterday and got some grocery items (and snacks) for him to eat. He bought the peanut butter filled waffer cookies that I LOVE!!! It's so funny because I'm so into this diet that I don't even want one.

I'm afraid to begin eating again. Yep, that's it and I said it. Here's what I feel.... IF I eat one thing....I'm going to eat everything! How sad is that?

Also, I'm losing all my hair. The doctor said it happens because of the low calorie Optifast diet but will grow back. So, I can eat and get my hair back, or diet and go bald.
(just kidding)

I've made my decision and I'm going to eat right now. The doctor said I should at least eat some fiber. So Wayne is cooking me up some green beans. No salt and no butter...just beans. Here I go to have my first real food in 15 weeks. I'll be back to let you all know how it went.

I ate my Del Monte green beans. First time I've eaten with a fork since October...nearly stabbed myself in the lip. They were not very good without the butter or salt, but I did OK. 

Wayne is going to buy me veggies in a steam bag tomorrow to try.  I hope they're as good as fresh veggies. I like the convenience of frozen because so often we wind up throwing out food because we forget about it.

I can have any green vegetables so I'm looking forward to asparagus and brocolli.

The next step is to add 3-4 oz of meat along with the vegetable.  As far as the Optifast, I can have the shake or protein bar for 3-4 meals and real food for 1. I'll verify this next week when I go to the meeting. It was not a smart move to skip it... ever hear of cutting off your nose to spite your face?

I am back on the right path I think! Thanks, Mary.


Mary K. said...

OK, here's my two cents for what it worth...listen to the doctors who have the knowledge and experience to give you their best professional opinion or continue what you are doing (which is actually being in denial) and starve yourself and gain wait...hmmmm??? I think I would put my money on the doctor at this point which it seems is where you have gotten to...enjoy the beans. Just steps...speaking off, how is that exercising going???

Sandy said...

Thanks Mary, I decided to go with what the doctor ordered and started eating.

I thought the beans were blah! They were from a can and not very appetizing without butter and salt. But I got them down. I don't know if it's in my head or not, but I think I got a little nauseated.

Ah the walking is NOT doing as well as I would like to admit. I did walk twice this last week, but only did 30 minutes. But there is hope for tomorrow!