Monday, January 18, 2010

My Journey Back to health January 18-24

Monday January 18th, 2010

Oh goody....3.8 lbs lost this week. That's very encouraging and maybe getting on the treadmill is the reason. I didn't walk a lot, but I did walk.

So, my total is now 29.3 lbs after 3 months of Optifast. This week I did have a few times where I almost gave it up on the program.  I wanted a bowl of popcorn for some unknown reason. I couldn't get the craving out of my mind...but I didn't act on it. I went to bed instead with a copy of Twilight.  The thing that really helps me is looking at the amount of money I've spent on the program and their protein bars and shakes.

I was able to get into a pair of slacks and a blouse I haven't worn in a long time, so I am seeing some changes. The problem is I see myself every day and it's not easy to see the weight loss. It must be spread out along every inch of me...although I will say that I notice that the layer of fat under my scalp is almost gone. I remember my sister Sherry telling me, when we were going to weight watchers together, that she knew she was losing weight because her scalp was thinner. Now I know what she meant.

I am having a few problems, but I'm not sure if they are related to the diet, age or just my overall karma....but I'm losing a lot of hair and I'm suffering from insomnia again.
I can go to bed at let's say 1:00 am and just lay there until 6:00 am. I keep thinking that I'll fall asleep, but every time I look at the clock it's an hour or so later but I'm still up. Luckily I don't have anywhere to go in the mornings, but it is maddening. If I had to go to a job it would be almost impossible to function.

The hair loss is expected I guess on the program, because they weren't very concerned about it at all. So, I'm not going to worry about it.

The other good news is that the weather has warmed up. It got into the 60's today.

Friday, January 22nd

I'm bundled up again...enough of this COLD.  We had 2 days up in the 60's and 70's and then the cold blew back in.

I'm posting the link to our house that is for sale here in SC. I can't move to Florida until we sell so.... TAKE A LOOK....please!

I'm hoping to sell by owner to avoid the 6-7% real estate fee. We did list it last year with Prudential, but I don't think they did anything I can't do for myself.  Matter of fact, they never even held an open house, which was the main reason I hired them.

Even though most buyers start looking on the internet, I think an open house couldn't hurt. As soon as the weather breaks, I'm going to do open houses on my own.

Check out this site where Dale and Jenn got the newest member of their family.  
They rescued the second dog on the page named Leera. Such a cute puppy who despatately needs Jenn's help with her horrible injury. There is a special place in hell for people who harm animals and a special place in heaven for those who rescue them.

Here is Leera with Libby, they are getting along just fine.

Sleep without fear puppy, you are in good hands now.


Mary K said...

Soon enough, you'll be making a trip out to CA to see that new doggie!!!