Sunday, May 6, 2007

Home for a few days

I got home yesterday evening from Washington,DC where Dale had surgery Monday. He was at Walter Reed Hospital and I must say that I was impressed by the care he received. His gastroenterologist did a LAPAROSCOPIC NISSEN FUNDOPLICATION. Dale is doing fine and will be back to work in a week.

Don't you just love the monuments in Washington, DC?

Tomorrow is the big day for the senior students in the Radiography Program at Greenville Technical College. We have their pinning which indicates the end of their two year Associate of Science degree. Now they can sit for the American Registgry of Radiologic Technologists national exam. I'll be speaking at the pinning which is a real privilege for me as an instructor. I miss teaching but I'm happy to have played a small part in their educational process.

Thursday I'm off again, this time to Ohio, to watch my three grandchildren for the summer. Son Brian just completed his first year at Cleveland State's Marshall School of Law and is looking for a job as an intern in a local law practice.

I got a Treasury on Etsy. A Treasury is a selection of items from other artisans on ETSY that I chose to highlight. I can't put any of my things in my Treasury, but it's fun to think up a nifty title and select items that fit the theme. I chose the Queen of England as she is visiting the USA and went to the Kentucky Derby. Here are a few of my choices. Click on the image to be taken to the seller's shop.