Monday, November 16, 2009

My Journey to Health November 16 - November 22

Monday, November 16th Gosh, I don’t even WANT to say how much I lost! I’m bummed! I didn’t eat one bite of food all week and I only lost 2.2 lbs. What the heck is the problem?

Seems I’m not eating enough so my metabolism slowed down. That’s what they said anyway. I’m supposed to eat 5 meal replacements a day… three shakes and 2 protein bars.

Last week I had a sore throat so I only had two meals one day, three meals on 3 days and 4 meals on three days…that’s 12 missed meals for the week. I find it hard to believe that I didn’t lose more weight, but I’m really going to try to eat all five meals each day and see if there’s a difference next Monday.

Teresa and I went shopping tonight to “get me out of the house”. It’s the first time I’ve taken my scooter out since I was in Ohio at the Art Museum. I bought a new scale that measures weight, BMI and water weight. That’s a lot more than a scale used to do huh?

Tomorrow Wayne is taking me to the Clerk of Court in Spartanburg. I just received my appointment as a notary and I have to register the certificate there. Anyone want to get married?

Man, do the Browns suck or what? I liked the sign a fan was holding “rebuilding since 1964”.

There are 5 minutes left in the game and the stands are virtually empty. Doesn’t look too good on Monday Night Football. Last night however, Wayne said he saw one of the best games ever…Payton Manning…his favorite player made quite a comeback.

Tuesday, November 17th
OMG, I've never seen so many cops in one place. We went to the Spartanburg Courthouse to register my notary certificate . There was a metal detector at the front door and the cop went through my purse. I nearly croaked when he pulled out a knife that I had put in there a while back and forgot about. It's a really little one, but he confiscated it.
I felt like a criminal...

Other than that, I'm busy making jewelry for the Holiday Bazaar that I'm  having here on Saturday. I sure hope someone shows up.

I ordered some more protein bars from online. Yes...I did buy a few boxes of those great tasting caramel crunch bars. My goal is to limit them to one replacement a day. I swear, I could eat a whole box...they are that good.

Wednesday, November 18th
Nothing new except I'm making a great bunch of earrings. I'm displaying them on a pewter family tree that my niece Mary K. gave Wayne and I for Christmas last year. I took all the family pictures off (they're in a safe place) and hung the earrings on the branches. It really makes a nice jewelry display.

Saturday, November 21
Today I had a Holiday Bazaar at the house and 5 of my etsy friends came and set up a display of the items they make. It was a lot of fun. We decided to get together again at a local flea market called The Barnyard. It’s only $12-14.00 to rent a space. So, we’ll try to get there sometime in December, before Christmas.

Another great thing about the day was that everyone brought goodies to share. It was my first contact with real food and deserts since I went on Optifast. I didn’t have any problem at all and didn't eat a single thing.   Yep…not a bite!  It felt good not to be obsessed with food. I had a shake right before they came so I was full and not craving anything. It was another first for me...and I did it!! 
Sunday, November 22
Today is football day for Wayne and rest up day for me…yesterday wore me out!


Mary K. said...

Hey a loss is a loss is a loss no matter the number. Good for you, keep it going!!!

Sandy said...

You're right's a success even at that small number. Thanks for your really helps.