Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My journey back to health November 23- November 29

Monday, November 23
Another weigh-in with good results but NOT great! I lost 2.4lbs.  which makes my total, for being on Optifast 4 weeks, 13.7 lbs.  Somehow, I expected it to be a lot more after a full month.

The problem has to be not walking. I know they want me to walk 10,000 steps a day. You know how many I walked yesterday... 57...yes that's right... a whopping 57.

So, my next big decision is when to get started at the Y. I don't have excuses, so the hold-up is totally ME. I'm going to have to do some real thinking about why I haven't gone and made arrangements with the personal trainer. Hummmmmmm?

Sunday, November 29

So, where have I been all week?  Nowhere... and that includes the Y. What's holding me back from getting in the car and going to work out??? Absolutely nothing! I really don't know what the problem is...I think I've lost my motivation 'cause the weight is not coming off like I thought it would.  BUT... I have not eaten a bite of food...just the shakes and protein bars.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the nutritionist so maybe I'll find out what I can do differently to jump start my weight loss. It seems like such a waste to spend all this money on a program and have minimal success...but success none the less.

I spent a lot of time this week making more bookmarks. On Friday, Wayne took me up to our local flea market called The Barnyard where I rented 2 spaces. Some members of my SC etsy team are going to try to sell some of our items there on December 12th.  It's like the Wagonwheel flea market in St. Petersburg, Fl. where my sister and I used to go.

It's open-air so I hope the weather is good. The nice thing about The Barnyard is that right behind each space is one parking spot. That will make it really easy on me.
Our spaces are in the first building off the entrance, on the left A-7 and A-8.


Jason said...

13 pounds in one month...GOOD FOR YOU!!!! Stick with it and you will be done in no time!
Go to the Y and start walking...then the pounds will start to fall away!!!

Good luck!
Victor sends lots of hugs and kisses to help you on your journey!!


Mary said...

If you don't go to the Y, I'm not going to "let" you come down to Florida for Christmas...hehehe

Girl, you need to jump start your activity...that will get the weight off. Your metabolism is slowing down because you are STARVING yourself with just those shakes so your body is trying to keep what it has....and you know this...you're in the medical field... Now get your Pavluk stubborn self up off that couch and go...go...go....do it now!!!!

Love you lots!!!!

Polly said...

Let me give you a little motivation. Michelle at 'Tween Waters is up to at least 15 minutes on the treadmill. Now, do you want her to be in better shape than you?

You're doing great, you just need to add a little more activity.


Mary said...

No way, Michelle, really??? Oh come on, Aunt Sandy...you can take her in a heartbeat...literally!!! Let's go...do it do it do it!!!

Sandy said...

You guys are so helpful to me. And I appreciate your comments so much!