Monday, November 30, 2009

My journey back to health November 30 - December 3

Monday, November 30th
OK…I’m DONE!!!
No more sitting on my a$$ waiting for the weight to drop off. I’ve GOT to get myself moving. Thanks for the support from my family in Florida...I’m NOT going to let Michelle walk more than me.

I talked to the dietitian and it’s time to transition into eating real food. I signed up for the 9 week program which has me on Optifast for 6 weeks and then slowly introduces food over a few weeks. BUT…I’ve decided that it would be a big mistake for me to start on food. I would absolutely sabotage myself. I know me too well and food at this junction would just set me back. With that in mind, I changed to the 21 week program. It’s an additional $425.00 because I’ll have more lab work and be monitored by the physician through the 21 weeks.

This way, I can do full Optifast for 12 weeks instead of 6.

Ok, I know you’re dying to know how much I lost this week….ta da… 3 pounds. That’s the most I’ve lost in a week since the very first weigh-in. I’m encouraged by it and know that if I add some exercise I will be able to lose more. Now I have to set a goal to keep me on track. My goal is to lose another 10 pounds by Christmas and to walk and exercise at least three times a week. There it is “A GOAL” that’s obtainable and I know I can do it.

I talked to my brother Denny tonight and told him I would love to come to Fl over Christmas but I know that I wouldn’t be able to stick to my plan. One of the things we do as a family when I visit is go out to eat…a lot.

Eating out is one of the most enjoyable things I do. I love nothing more than to have a meal with family and not have to clean up the kitchen! Plus, my very favorite restaurant of all times in Largo called “Sweet Tomatoes.” If they had one here is SC, I’d be in a lot of trouble.

I know that in order to stay on this program that I have selected to help me; I need to stay home and concentrate on getting healthy. I will however visit Fl soon, just not before Christmas. I figure I need at least 3 months to get a firm grasp on this program and be able to trust myself to be around food again.

So all in all it’s been a good day with a new resolve on my part.

Tuesday, December 1st
So where did this year go??? I can’t believe December is here already.

I did as I said and had some activity today. I lifted some hand weights while sitting at the computer watching a TV show I had streaming from Netflix. With a little push from my friend Teresa, I went to the Y. They set me up with an appointment with the trainer for next Tuesday. I had to wait that long because I specifically wanted a woman. Wayne, on the other hand got an appointment for tomorrow. So I’ll go with him and at least walk for awhile.

I picked Teresa up and went to a cooking demonstration with her. A really cute chef, from Baptist Hospital, cooked beef tenderloin, a salad and some kind of dip. All with ingredients that were low fat, low carb and low sodium. I have to tell you - it smelled so good that I had my first twinge of a hunger pang. But..I only smelled it!

Wednesday, December 2nd
First let me say that at noon today I called the Y to make sure they had Wayne’s Doctor’s release that was faxed to them back in October. The lady at the front desk said that she couldn’t check because she didn’t have access to the files. I told her to cancel the appointment because we weren’t going to drive all the way there to be told that they misplaced his paperwork. She put me to the voice mail of the fitness director and assured me that Lisa was due to come in 15 minutes and that she would call me back. So, I left the message.

And guess what???? Lisa did not call me back….

OK, even though it was the wettest day I’ve seen in awhile with roads flooded all around us…we still went to the Y. I can’t go into too much detail ‘because I’ll just get pissed all over again. Suffice to say, they did have Wayne’s paperwork but DID NOT have him scheduled. Oh Yeah….I drove all the way there yesterday and made the appointment, drove in a freaking’ deluge today and the trainer said “Wayne wasn’t in the computer”.

I thought I was going to have a stroke.

Poor Wayne was saying…just calm down…over and over. I left Wayne to deal with the trainer because I was “this close” to reaming him a new one. Ah…I did sort of raise my voice a little, I guess…

I can’t help it that when I get excited my voice goes up about 500 decibels, what’s a girl to do?

So, here’s what he did “for us.” He made Wayne an appointment at the same time next Tuesday as my appointment so we “don’t have to make two trips.” Yes…I did have him check and make sure I was in the computer and scheduled. As we were leaving, we had to pass the front desk. This is where Wayne decided he didn’t want any part of my “letting them know” their screw up …. he went to get the car.

The lady had the note on her desk that I called earlier and told me Lisa just left the building…oh how convenient. I told them what happened and got a lot of “oh we’re so sorry”. Now mind you, this is the second time that I made an appointment with a trained and was told we were not in the computer. What would you do????? BTW…when we go in next Tuesday, I’m going to bring the appointment card with the date, time and trained on it to prove to the -------- that I indeed had one.

I’m going to have to learn that no matter how people screw up, no one will take responsibility and no one really cares. It must have somehow got deleted from the schedule. I saw the lady type it in the night before and mine was in the computer so…………who’s messing with my appointments??? Huh?

Is that the end of my saga???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

At 8:00 PM guess who called???? Why Lisa of course. She said that she got my message and couldn’t find Wayne scheduled for 2:00, but did have all his paperwork. WTH….don’t co-workers talk to each other anymore? I had to go through the whole thing again with her and get the “so sorry” all over again.

I would have thought, after all we went through that day and the other time the computer ate our appointment… she would have given us one month’s free membership. Would that have been so hard to do?

Nope…just got “I’m sorry that this happened.”

So guess what I did to punish them??? I didn’t go to the Y this week again. Boy…I really showed them huh?

Friday, December 4th
Today we took a ride to the lab and had my bloodwork taken again for the Optifast doctor. Since I changed to the 21 week program there are more labs and more doctor visits. As a matter of fact on Monday I see the doctor again to go over the last two labs.

Saturday, December  5th
Today is Morgan's 10th birthday I can't believe it! Now I have two grandchildren in double digits!  They are going to her favorite restautant (and mine) Olive Garden! I sure hope they don't send me a picture of her spaghetti.

BTW...what's this sending me pictures of food? I know I have a sense of humor but...that's hitting below the belt....which BTW is getting looser. lol


Mary K said...

It's a good thing you don't own a what do you think my father would have done in that situation??!!!!