Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Journey back to health Jan 11-17

Monday January 11

I wasn't going to go to get weighted in today because I was sure I gained weight. Not that I ate anything because I didn't, but because I haven't been out of the house since last Monday. The reason is...it's too cold outside. The minute I get into the cold, my poor old lungs have a fit. Anyway, it sounds like a good viable excuse. NOT!

Anyway, my friend Teresa called me about 1:00 and made me get out of bed. Really...I was going to just stay in bed the entire day. So I got up, got dressed (into a blouse I haven't worn in years) and went off to face the music.

Happily, I lost .6 lbs. I know that's not very much, but it is a loss when I expected a gain. So I can say with delight that I have now lost a total of 25 and 1/2 lbs. That's a little less than half way to my goal.


Mary K said...

Get your butt off the couch and walk around the house...no need to be sitting around all day...maybe you do need to come to Florida where we can ride your A** all day...heheheh Congrats on 25 and 1/2...you have now lost a whole Jillian and then some (interesting way to think of it, huh...4 more lbs and you will have lost a Zoe)!!!